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Paul Way

Development Lead


  1. I like dashboards, and would like to be able to display multiple dashboards across multiple browser tabs. Chrome ‘Revolver-Tabs’ is great for this, but CRM will insist on reloading the default dashboard on each refresh. Ho can I stop this behaviour? I want it to reload the dashboard in-view not to the default dashboard.

    • “Revolver-Tabs” has an option to disable the reload (Right Click the revolver icon > Options > Uncheck “Reload”). You could disable the reload and then manually click “Refresh All” at the top of the dashboard. Not a great solution, but it may suffice…

    • Another option would be to setup a bookmark folder (in Chrome) with the various dashboards you want to see. Then when you want to use revolver, open all of the bookmarks (right click the folder). Each dashboard link will have to be set manually (e.g. /workplace/home_dashboards.aspx?dashboardId=656ee3b6-3e64-e011-8d3d-78e7d1620f15 )

      This removes the main navigation and the dashboard menu, but will allow you to refresh automatically.

  2. Once I had worked out how to find the dashboard ID it works a treat and looks great on a big screen – six dashboards each with a single chart displayed full screen. Many thanks for your input.

  3. I have recently downloaded your CRM Data Detective in a CRM 2013 On-Premise environment and I cannot get anything to show up. I am able to see all of my Entities but when I click on them nothing happens. Do you have any idea why this might be? Thanks!

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