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Microsoft CRM 2011 Update Rollup Version

Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates and rollups are an important part of maintaining a healthy CRM system. In addition to resolving documented issues, updates can deliver new features (e.g. UR 12 with cross browser support).

Staying current is strongly recommended and getting too far behind can turn costly when trying to upgrade.  Luckily, checking the current rollup is simple.

Finding the current Microsoft CRM 2011 Update Rollup Version

From the Web Client, click File > Help > About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Finding the current Microsoft CRM 2011 Update Rollup Version


At the top of the dialog is the current version of the environment:

Finding the current version



From Outlook, the process is just as easy.  Click File > CRM > About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Finding the current CRM Version in Outlook


Microsoft CRM 2011 Update Rollup Version History


Version Build Number Release Date (M/D/YYYY) KB Articles:  SDK Version
RC 05.00.9688.53 KB2461082
RTM 05.00.9688.583 2/16/2011
Update Rollup 1 05.00.9688.1045 4/7/2011 KB2466084
Update Rollup 2 05.00.9688.1155 6/6/2011 KB2466086
Update Rollup 3 05.00.9688.1244 7/26/2011 KB2547347  5.0.5
Update Rollup 4 05.00.9688.1450 9/19/2011 KB2556167
Update Rollup 5 05.00.9688.1533 10/20/2011 KB2567454  5.0.7, 5.0.8
Update Rollup 6 05.00.9689.1985 1/12/2012 KB2600640  5.0.9
05.00.9690.1992 1/20/2012
Update Rollup 7 05.00.9690.2165 3/22/2012 KB2600643  5.0.10
Update Rollup 8 05.00.9690.2243 5/3/2012 KB2600644
Update Rollup 9 Cancelled
Update Rollup 10 05.00.9690.2730 8/16/2012 KB2710577  5.0.12
05.00.9690.2740 10/4/2012
05.00.9690.2835 10/11/2012 KB2739504
Update Rollup 11 05.00.9690.2838 10/23/2012
Critical Update for Update Rollup 11 05.00.9690.2903 7/26/2013 KB2855319
Update Rollup 12 05.00.9690.3218/ 1/7/2013 KB2795627  5.0.14
(OnPremise / v2) 05.00.9690.3233/ 1/30/2013
CRM Online “Polaris” (UR12+) 05.00.9690.3233 1/13/2013  N/A  5.0.14
Update Rollup 13 05.00.9690.3448 3/26/2013 KB2791312  5.0.15
Update Rollup 14 05.00.9690.3557 7/13/2013 KB2849744  5.0.16
Update Rollup 15 05.00.9690.3731 10/8/2013 KB2843571  5.0.17
Update Rollup 16 05.00.9690.3911 1/22/2014 KB2872369
Update Rollup 17 05.00.9690.4150 5/8/2014 KB2915687
Update Rollup 18 05.00.9690.4376 9/24/2014 KB2958724


Knowing where you are at and where you want to go is important.  If you are on a CRM 2011 version and are thinking about upgrading to CRM 2015, then upgrading to UR 14+ is required to get to CRM 2013.  As a general rule, it is good to install the updates and be proactive toward issues.


Navigating CRM 2015

Navigating CRM 2015 is quite different for users familiar with CRM 4.0 or 2011.  Have you ever been in a CRM window and notice the browser’s back button isn’t there?

When training new users, I often hear people concerned about not seeing the back button and feeling stuck.

Missing the Back Button

The developer behind this loves “where’s waldo”


Luckily this is very easy to handle.  To go back, you can use a keyboard shortcut of “[alt] + [left arrow]”.  Pretty easy.

If you want to try it yourself, open a record via Advanced Find and then click a related record.  To get back to the record you first opened, you can hold [alt] and press the [left arrow] key to browse back.

Between the advanced find in the ribbon and the global search feature, users will easily be able to quickly find what they are looking for.  With this shortcut, users won’t ever feel stuck and will enjoy navigation CRM 2015.


Sending Text Message Alerts from CRM 2013

I often find users are looking for ways to alleviate the email overload.  Sometimes important emails are missed due to a hectic day.  In some situations a remedy I like to incorporate is the ability to text message a user for events or status changes the user really cares about.  Leveraging Microsoft CRM and cell phone carriers’ email feature, we can offer users the ability to receive critical alerts via text messaging in addition to normal email.


Emailing a Text Message

What’s great about this is that you don’t need to install a special add-on to send text message alerts from CRM.  What you will need is the recipients cell phone number and carrier.  Each carrier has a specific text message domain, here’s a list of the most common carriers (full list here):

Carrier Domain

All of the carriers use the format of phone number followed by the domain.  For example to send a text message to a Verizon user, you’d email them

When you send text message alerts from CRM you’ll have the subject in parenthesis (if populated) and the body will be shown right after.  Here’s an example:


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Customer Excellence Awards – Convergence 2014

Customer Effective Congratulates CSX Transportation on one of their Customer Excellence Awards

Customer Effective Congratulates CSX Transportation on one of their Customer Excellence Awards

Microsoft’s 2014 Customer Excellence Awards for CRM Dynamics were recently made public and Customer Effective racked up numerous awards in their efforts to help various organizations on their CRM journey.  I have been lucky to be a member on a majority of these projects with Customer Effective in one way or another.  A lot of great people have contributed to these projects and it’s exciting to see the recognition growing to more and more Customer Effective projects.

For those unfamiliar with Microsoft’s Customer Excellence Awards, here’s a quick overview:

The Customer Excellence Awards recognize, honor, and celebrate customer organizations that are achieving outstanding success with their Microsoft solutions. In each award category, award winners are chosen on their ability to provide amazing experiences for their customers through the use of their Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Some of these awards cover projects that have spanned years.   The teams behind each of these projects are composed of knowledgeable, creative individuals.  Moving well beyond fields on a form, these projects leverage Microsoft CRM’s ability to adapt completely around the business and user’s needs.  Each of these projects are a journey and I’m grateful to be working with awesome people, users, and organizations.

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