Chasing a Dream

 A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.
Bruce Lee

This week I heard for yet another time that I did not make my goal of being a Microsoft MVP for CRM Dynamics.  Some around me encouraged me to keep going, keep digging, and keep embracing the Microsoft community.  A few said forget about them, that I share more with people directly than blog posts could ever capture.  Others, told me to drop the pursuit entirely since it wasn’t something I’d ever realize.

User Adoption of CRM can sometimes be like this award I’m chasing.  First of all, you can’t strong-arm people into using CRM; instead, you have to match their needs well enough for them to want to use the system.  Secondly, you have to research what matters to them.  For user adoption, it’s often the case that I sit down with users one-on-one and experience a day in the life of what they do.  I take notes of redundancy or monotonous activities but avoid commenting on it, unless they complain about something being mundane.  With the award, I’m turning over every stone I can to find out how others have achieved it.  With user adoption, you have to find what’s missing and if they’re not using CRM for something, then what is filling their need.

If you’re discouraged with your CRM User Adoption, realize that CRM works and it works really well.  If users are resisting the system, go back to them and make sure they are involved throughout the configuration process.  Talk to them about what they like and build on the wins.  In the end, it will take time, patience, and encouragement.

Failure is interesting, but it doesn’t mean the story ends there.  I realize that everyone around me is trying to make me better, make me feel better, or just allowing me to not dwell.  Luckily, I’m not upset or discouraged.  Instead, I’m motivated.

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