CRM 2013 – Copying a Process

Within CRM 2013, processes are incredible.  Since they are great time savers for users, I typically get a lot of positive feedback regarding them.

One feature missing from CRM 2013 is the ability to copy an existing process; however, there is a nice work-around we’ll explore today.  If you are like me and create some fairly in-depth processes, then copying a process should hopefully save you some time.  Let’s walk through how to copy a process:

Copying a Process Step-by-Step

  • First, open the Process you want to duplicate:
    Copying a Process: Opening the Process to Duplicate

    Notice the “Activate As” field

  • Next, you’ll need to deactivate the existing process, change the process to a “Process template”, and then activate your “Process Template”:
    Copying a Process: Changing to a Process Template

    Warning: While deactivated, the process will not be available to end users.


  • At this point, you can create a new process and select the newly created “Process template”.

    Copying a Process: Viewing the Template List

    Note: If you do not activate the “Process template”, it will not show up in the template listing.


  • Once you have created the new process, you can switch your “Process template” back to a normal process.

At this point, you have two processes with duplicate steps.  You can then modify your second process without having to start from scratch.

Granted, processes are sometimes so trivial that recreating your steps would be faster than going through this work-around.  Occasionally, I’ll have some pretty complex processes that need a subtle difference.  Maybe it’s different roles need slightly different fields prompted.  Sometimes its because I want to set a bit field and so I’ll create two processes for the user to choose from.  Whatever the need, this saves time when needed.  I hope you enjoy!

Note: Don’t forget to activate your processes so users can utilize them.


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