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About Paul Way

Born and raised in Greenville, SC. I'm a coder to the core. The only thing I love more than coding is my family and your epic comments.


  1. Hi Paul, I’m really looking forward to trying your tool out. Do you have any plans on making it a plugin to XrmToolBox instead of having it as a solution you have to import to your CRM Organisation? It’s convenient to keep your environments clean from third party solutions.

    • Absolutely! I want to have both. With a solution inside CRM, you can have contextual awareness. XrmToolBox allows working in multiple environments and keeps them clean. By having both, people can pick what works best for them.

      Hours after I released my fetch xml editor, someone released their own. They are quite different but I plan to also have a GUI. Anyhow, FetchXml Builder is already built for XrmToolBox and looks promising.

  2. Hey I download the zip file from codeflex but there is not exe to run is i am missing something

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