Fetch XML Editor Error Handling

Recently I added an update concerning the Fetch Tester 3000 containing some improved error handling.  If you are unfamiliar, Fetch Tester 3000 is a terribly named Fetch XML Editor available on CodePlex.  Before we look at the Fetch XML Editor Error Handling, let me provide a quick general update…

Twitter is awesome!

Last Friday was interesting for me. I finally released the editor and oddly enough someone else released one as well.  These solutions were hours apart and @crmanswers brilliantly called it “FetchXML Friday.”

The FetchXML builders are quite different presently but the feature paths look similar.  My plan is to have the Fetch Tester 3000 work with both the XrmToolbox and as a managed solution within CRM.  I can see users having a strong preference for one way or the other and so why not both?  I also want to build a GUI.  In fact, I’ve got a laundry list of features planned.

The benefit of the managed solution is leveraging context within CRM.  I want to save and edit views with this tool.  The SDK allows for complexities the normal interface doesn’t offer.  Additionally, it would be cool to have an advanced find and switch to the Fetch Tester 3000 with it loading what’s already built in the advanced find.  A managed solution can also be used with tablets.

Ideally I can build something relatively generic to allow other managed solutions to run within XrmToolBox.  I built CRM Data Detective as a managed solution and plan to port it as well.  The benefit to XrmToolBox is that you can leverage tons of tools without having to kludge up your CRM environment.

For now though, Fetch Tester 3000 is only a managed solution.


Version 0.1.1 Released

I’ve released an update which includes some error handling and keyboard shortcuts.  I really appreciate the feedback thus far.  The improved error handling was added due to an issue being reported on codeplex.  If you experience a problem, please let me know as others might face the same issue.

Improved Error Handling

Up until this point, I’ve been comfortable with the huge amount of XML being returned from CRM when bad Fetch is passed to the server.  Sadly I never cared, but after seeing an issue, I realized I had gotten used to the annoyance.  It’s like having your driver door not open and you hop out of the passenger door everyday… after a while it’s normal…

Anyhow, now FT3 has some proper error messages.


Old Error Messages



Version 0.1.1

Added in Version 0.1.1

As you can see, these error messages are much cleaner.  The message is still whatever CRM returns but now you no longer have to sift through the extra XML.


Keyboard Shortcuts

When I’m using editors, I often like using keyboard shortcuts.  I added a few here.

  • Ctrl – Alt – B — Beautify the XML
  • Ctrl – Alt – X — Execute the FetchXML query
  • Ctrl – Alt – E — Switch to the Editor tab
  • Ctrl – Alt – C — Switch to the Code tab
  • Ctrl – Alt – J — Switch to the JSON output tab
  • Ctrl – Alt – T — Switch to the Tabular output tab

This may be a feature only for me, but I like being able to use the keyboard to fly around quickly.


Anyhow, that’s all for now and please let me know of any issues you encounter or ideas you may have for FT3.

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  1. Can’t wait to see your tools in XrmToolBox! Keep up the good work!

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